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White Cotton & Linen Fabrics

Linen upholstery fabric is perfect for furniture as it is solid and durable. The material will not show signs of wear over time, and it is also antistatic, which means it will not attract dust like other synthetic fabrics. Additionally, white cotton and linen fabrics are smooth and relaxed, making them an excellent choice for upholstery.

Having your furniture covered in linen offers more comfort and less upkeep. You only need to give it a light brush or vacuum occasionally. The fabric is naturally resistant to stains, making it simple to keep the material looking new. If you encounter more stubborn marks, you can use water or glycerin to spot-clean them. 

Additionally, if the covers are removable, you can wash or dry clean the white cotton and linen fabrics. To keep your furniture looking its best, clean it regularly.

For linen upholstery and fabric to stay fresh, chic, and clean, follow these tips for proper care. With these easy steps, you can ensure your sofa looks its best for years.

Additional Steps For White Cotton & Linen Fabrics Care

We love natural linen upholstery for its refined, sustainable, and tranquil vibe. Its texture and softness give it an eternal and effortless appeal. Moreover, it is made from flax which is a beloved, sustainable, and natural material. As it is born, it will wrinkle, which is part of what gives it its distinctive character and appeal. If you want to ensure that your linen fabric sofa or chair looks great for years, here are some tips for caring for it. The key to keeping it looking great is to practice some daily maintenance.

1. Clean Your Linen Sofa With A Vacuum Regularly

To keep your white cotton and linen fabric slipcovers looking their best, vacuum your sofa regularly. Remove all cushions and vacuum beneath them, as well as along all seams of the furniture. It will help prevent crumbs or dust from becoming embedded in the fabric and causing long-term damage. A furniture or clothes brush can help remove pet hair and other surface dirt from the slipcover.

2. Do Not Scrub Or Spread Any Spots Or Spills

To safely clean a linen sofa, use a clean, damp cloth to dab and lift any stains gently. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the material, as this can damage the fabric and make it harder to clean. Additionally, be mindful that darker linen fabrics may be more heavily dyed and could cause the dye to lift, resulting in a lighter patch.

3. Use A Mild Cleanser Or Soap

To remove stains from white cotton and linen fabrics upholstery, try using a mild detergent. A white or very light flannel or sponge, or a bit of bicarbonate or soda can also be helpful. Never scrub the fabric, also avoid using a scrubber as it could damage the surface. Gently dab the stain with a damp cloth after vacuuming off any excess bicarbonate of soda.

4. Avoid Exposing Your Linen To Direct Sunlight

For optimal care of linen fabric sofa upholstery, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight is best. If your sofa is placed in a sunny room or conservatory, install blinds or curtains to shade the area and protect the fabric from sun damage. Additionally, selecting lighter-coloured linen may prevent any noticeable fading. To ensure even wear, make sure to rotate the cushions frequently.

5. Machine Launder Linen Fabric At 30 Degrees Celsius Or Lower

It is highly suggested that you have your sofa covers professionally dry-cleaned or cleaned by a specialist. Removable covers can be taken off and washed in a washing machine. When washing white cotton and linen fabrics covers, keep the temperature at 30 degrees Celsius or lower and select a slow spin cycle to prevent shrinking. Once the washing is done, remove the covers immediately to avoid any wrinkling.

Hang the covers up on a clotheshorse to dry, avoiding any pegs or clips that may damage the material. To remove any wrinkles or creases, use a warm iron or steamer. Once the covers are nearly dry, quickly put them back on the furniture to retain their shape. For multiple pieces, make sure to launder them all together to maintain the same colour. 

6. Staingard

If you’re looking for a way to protect your white cotton and linen fabrics furniture from future spills and damages, Staingard is an excellent choice. Not only does it make it easier to clean up any mess, but you can rest assured knowing an experienced at-home care team is available for repairs if needed. With the added benefit of their ‘clean, care or replace’ policy, Staingard is the best way to keep your furniture in perfect condition.

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