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Synthetic Fabrics

Brief Overview On The Synthetic Fibers For Your Upholsteries 

To protect the upholstery from stains and dirt, people use the best synthetic fabrics. Moreover, if people become unsatisfied with the upholstery, then they can replace it or reupholster it with synthetic fabric. Simply, synthetic fabric is the common material people use for the best look of their upholsteries. Well, there are different types of synthetic fabric people use. The first one is acrylic synthetic fabric which is colourful plus stain resistant. Compared to natural fabric acrylic synthetic material does not fade under the sun. Also, the lifespan of Acrylic synthetic fabric is very long compared to natural ones. Moving next, Nylon synthetic fabric is another type used for upholstered items. Further, Nylon fabric is the best suited as it is stain resistant and even warms the body very quickly. Further, it’s very hard to clean synthetic fabric upholstery. Therefore, we suggest you hire a professional synthetic fabric cleaning service. 

How You Can Clean The Synthetic Fibre?

Synthetic fibres are very much easy to clean when you know the right cleaning tips. There are various types of synthetic fabrics like acrylic, nylon, and olefin that are not so easy to clean. But with the best techniques and steps, you can easily clean them. In addition to this, using synthetic fabric for the upholstery adds glory to your space. Regardless, you can use a couch cleaning solution and laundry machine for cleaning the synthetic fabric. Further, for the desired results, the following are some of the tips to clean the synthetic fabric. 

  • Vacuum the synthetic fabric regularly: For preventing the synthetic fabric from crumbs or further damage, you need to vacuum them regularly. Moreover, vacuuming can even eliminate the tiny dust particles from synthetic fabric. Importantly, make sure to vacuum all the sides and corners of the synthetic fabric. Thus vacuuming the synthetic fabric will prevent it from long-term damage. Hence, we suggest you use a soft brush for eliminating the pet hair and dust from your synthetic fabrics. 
  • Never rub the stains on synthetic fabric: Wondering how to clean the stains from the synthetic fabric safely? If something accidentally spills on the synthetic fabric, use a clean cloth and dab it and remove using a wet cloth. Never scrub the stain as it will make the synthetic fabric condition worsen. Therefore, for the best result gently dab the stain on the synthetic fabric. 
  • Use soap or detergent for cleaning the synthetic fabric: Are you thinking about how to clean the synthetic fabric with safe solutions? For removing the hard stain from the synthetic fabric you can use detergent but make sure you don’t scrub it. As scrubbing is the main source of damaging synthetic fabric. Simply use a mild soap and use it with a sponge that is very light in colour. To eliminate stains, bicarbonate is the best option to go with. Thus, sprinkle the solution and gently vacuum the synthetic fabric before cleaning. 
  • Keep the synthetic fabric away from direct sun rays: Sunlight is not totally responsible for fading the synthetic fabric. But for the safer side, you must keep the synthetic fabric upholstery away from sunlight. If your synthetic fabric upholstery is near the window then make sure you draw curtains to cover it. You can even choose the light fade of synthetic fabric upholstery to prevent it from fading. 
  • Wash the synthetic fabric at 30 degrees: For washing and dry-cleaning synthetic fabric, you must rely on professionals. However, there are some synthetic fabrics that can be easily washed in the washing machine. Further, make sure you wash the synthetic fabric at 30 degrees or less. Moreover, slowly spin the synthetic fabric in the washing machine. As soon as the wash completes, immediately take the synthetic fabric out to avoid creasing. You can even hang the synthetic fabric under the sun but don’t clip them off. To remove the stubborn creases from the synthetic fabric try using iron steam. If you have more than one synthetic fabric piece, clean them all immediately.
  • Staingard: While you purchase the new synthetic fabric upholstery, a stain guard is the best option to prevent it from future stains. Are your synthetic fabric items covered with staingard? If yes then you can mop any type of stain off the synthetic fabric upholstery easily. Further, you can even hire a certified professional for staingard application. 

Call Our Experts For Cleaning The Synthetic Fabric Upholstery

Our synthetic fabrics team is very passionate about offering standard cleaning services. Yes, we know the importance of removing stains from synthetic fabric as soon as possible. That’s why we are available for the same-day synthetic cleaning service. Moreover, we clean synthetic fabric upholsteries in both commercial and residential properties. Also, we have a talented team that includes certified experts for cleaning synthetic fabric effectively. Therefore, for the best synthetic fabric cleaning service contact us. 

Karls Couch Cleaning use an eco-safe solution for cleaning synthetic fabrics. Hence, we use standard solutions for removing stains and odours. To remove germs and dust from fabrics, we use modern tools and technology. Contact us at 02 4058 2562 for versatile synthetic upholstery cleaning today!