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Patterned Cotton And Linen Fabrics

Right Cleaning Process of Patterned Cotton and Linen Fabrics

The unique blend of patterned cotton and linen fabrics goes well with every type of furniture. It can make a durable, sophisticated, and beautiful piece of furniture with its strong, smooth, and antistatic texture. Upholsteries made from this specific material generally last longer as it won’t tear for an extended period. But, due to regular use, it tends to accumulate dust, dirt, and bacteria. Hence, deep cleaning from time to time is crucial to ensure the great comfort and safety of your upholsteries.

It is a known fact that patterned cotton and linen fabrics are easy to use and maintain. Therefore, it will be easy for you to clean the regular stains that are not that deep to sustain the original and beautiful appearance of the furniture. But, if the stains penetrate the fabric, you must know how to clean your upholstery. Here, we will share how you can clean your cotton and linen fabrics upholsteries to keep them clean and fresh.

Regularly Vacuum the Patterned Cotton and Linen Upholsteries

Many people want to learn how to quickly and easily clean their linen sofas or couch quickly and easily. Well, regular cleaning is the answer to safeguard the cotton and linen upholsteries from dust and crumbs that may damage the fabric. 

When you vacuum your upholsteries regularly, it ensures that tiny particles do not embed into the weave. However, consider opting for professional cleaning, as the expert will ensure that every nook and corner is appropriately cleaned to restore the glory of your upholstery and prevent permanent damage. 

Do Not Ever Rub Spills Or Stains

Sudden spills or stubborn stains can damage the overall look of your patterned cotton and linen fabrics upholsteries. So, whenever this happens, do not rub or scrub any stain or spill because it will damage the surface of your fabric. Instead, use a wet cloth to soak up all the liquid to make it easier to clean it further. 

To get a better result, gently dab on the fabric to remove the stain effortlessly. However, if you have a dark-coloured linen fabric, it may leave a lighter patch during the spot cleaning. When you opt for professional cotton and linen upholstery cleaning, the experts will use advanced tools and machinery to clean your furniture deeply. 

Consider Using A Light Detergent Or Soap

A gentle soap or detergent is highly recommended when cleaning your cotton and linen upholsteries. When your sofa or couch absorbs any liquid, it leaves a dark stain that is not easy to remove. But, if you take a gentle detergent or soap to clean it off, it will definitely work. But, again, do not ever rub the spills or stains; instead, try to lift them. 

You can use a sponge or a soft cloth, dip it into the water with gentle soap or detergent, and slowly wash it off. If your stain is too deep, consider mixing bicarbonate with soda to eliminate the stain. 

Just take some of it, sprinkle it over the fabric, and vacuum it off. Then, take the wet cloth to clean it further up. If you don’t have time, you can get cotton, and linen fabric upholstery cleaning services, as the experts, only use safe cleaning agents for your fabric. 

Keep the Patterned Cotton and Linen Upholsteries Away From Sunlight

Being a layman, you may not know that direct sunlight can damage your furniture’s beautiful patterned cotton and linen fabrics. So, it will be best to keep your sofa or couch in a conservatory to avoid direct sunlight. Also, try to keep your window curtains closed to protect the fabric of your sofa. Otherwise, the beautiful colour of your couch or sofa will be gone pretty soon. 

Machine Wash Less or At 30 Degree Is Good

Many often ask whether they can machine wash their cotton and linen fabrics to keep them clean. Well, in that case, it would be best to get professional dry cleaning services for an expert cleaning. As the expert has the right knowledge and proper skills, they can help you clean your fabric more effortlessly and less time-consuming. 

However, you can wash the cotton and linen fabrics in a machine but ensure to wash it at 30 degrees or less. Also, after the wash gets finished, immediately take it out from the machine to prevent creases. However, if you find any creases on your fabric, steam or iron it with a steamer or iron to get rid of them. 

Use Stainguard

Stainguard is the only saviour for you to protect your patterned cotton and linen fabrics beforehand. It offers double protection to your fabric to prevent future stains and damage. When you protect your upholsteries with the stain guard, you will find washing off any spill, dirt, and dust simpler. Furthermore, when you purchase it from a company, you can rest assured that you will get professional services to repair any damage. 

To learn more about patterned cotton and linen fabrics upholstery cleaning, contact us today. We have experienced upholstery cleaners to thoroughly clean all types of upholstery fabrics. 

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